Pushpinder Pal Singh Dhaliwal (Pinky Dhaliwal)

AMAR AUDIO founded by one of the Punjab’s leading Music Producer – Pushpinder Pal Singh Dhaliwal   and is promoted brands by Desi Music Bank & Mad 4 Music. Amar audio is Punjab’s largest Punjabi content making group.
Aman Audio ( Amar Audio ) was incorporated in 1988 and has redefined the Punjabi Music space in this period. Making a strong start with hit singers like “Surinder Shinda and Davinder Kohinoor ”, the company rose to unprecedented heights in the late 1990s and 2000s. Later in 1997 Aman Audio had re-incarnation of their roots towards new era of music industry and change its brand name AMAR AUDIO.
Today, the company occupies a dominant space in the PUNJABI content creation space with all competent industries associates . The company has also evolved with the times and significantly corporatized itself, bringing in experienced professional team for driving the future strategic direction of the company. From a punjabi content provider, we have evolved into a media conglomerate with organizational divisions responsible for television, tele-films , Tv-channels, internet and mobile. Amar Audio’s contribution in promulgating punjabi Language and its poetry through releasing regular music with traditional folks, such as digital contents and countryside songs, have extremely important and these albums were made extremely popular in all over world. there albums such as “Dil De Khoon Di Mehandi”, ” Loket”, “Chan Nalon Sohni” , “Khanjar” are listened by both the Punjabi and non-Punjabi speaking audience Amar Audio’s another contribution is in bringing the poetry of Mr. Sangdil 47 ( Gurpal Singh Sandhu ) to masses through his album Dilan De Jaani , “Desi Masti”, “Class-follow”, “Karla jo karna”, ” Tainu Ki” and many more are few of the popular albums and songs from there credit.


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